About the game

Cyberpunk is a sci-fi hacker escape game. If you don’t know what an escape game is, read the FAQ.

   Number of players

The game is suitable for a group of 2 to 6 players.

   2 games

We are offering two unique games in the same room.


One pass takes up to 60 minutes. Two passes consequently last 120 minutes.


We are offering the game either in Czech or in English.


The game is situated in a room sizing 60 square meters.


We focus on an intriguing sci-fi story the players reveal during the game.


Having common sense is enough for the game. You will get help if necessary.


We use modern technology and gadgets to create the puzzles and to enhance the atmosphere.

   Gift cards

Give the escape game experience as a gift voucher.


Go to a hacker’s apartment and see what the paranoid hacker Mei is hiding there. Her endeavor is nothing less than stopping the internet. The virus, that is supposed to destroy the internet routers, is just being uploaded to the network and you don’t have much time to interrupt her sophisticated plan. Besides not being able to watch memes and videos with kittens, the absence of the internet can cause a lot of damage. Navigation, medical devices, rescue services coordination, food and goods distribution, they all depend on it. Can you save the internet?

What makes our game unique?

Unlike other escape rooms, we are not trying to hide the technology used in our puzzles. We reveal it and make it a part of the decoration and story. We put great emphasis on the logic of the whole room and strive to fit everything together to give you a unique experience from the whole story. To solve some puzzles you will have to use gestures or connect different circuits (no worries, a degree in electrical engineering isn’t needed), and you can even go to cyberspace! Needless to say, there is no key or numeric lock in our escape room – we live in modern times.

Two games in one

As the only escape room in the Czech Republic, we are offering two unique games in the same room. Are you afraid it will be boring because we will use the same puzzles you have already solved? No way! After the first game, the room will literally transform in front of your eyes and and it will offer you a whole new batch of interesting puzzles to solve.

Cyberpunk – Hacker escape game offers two full-featured games fully embedded in our story. We definitely recommend going for the double experience!


In the first game, as a team of hackers, you set off to stop the insidious virus let loose by the hacker Mei, who aims to destroy the internet and return humanity to the “Stone Age”.


In the second game you try to locate the hacker herself and find out about her background and motive. Let’s go (not just) into cyberspace and unravel all the secrets.


Players enter the game at their own risk. We use artificial fog and flashing lights (not stroboscopes) in the game. Therefore, before entering, we recommend careful consideration to people with epilepsy or breathing difficulties. You can leave the game at any time. The players are not locked in the room.

If you are not satisfied with the game, you can leave the room within 10 minutes without being charged for the game.