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In a group of six experienced players, the game may be too easy for you.

Discount CZK 300 for students and/or children

If at least half of your group are students or children, this discount applies.

Discount CZK 300 for two players

If your group only has two players, you will have a cheaper game.

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Game prices

Both games: 3380 CZK 2990 CZK

 120 minutes    2-6 players

A bargain package of both games at the same time – will save you CZK 390! A full-fledged experience for (not only) all enthusiasts. It includes Virus and Cyberspace games consequently.

Virus: CZK 1690

 60 minutes    2-6 players

Save the internet! The countdown runs ruthlessly and you only have an hour to stop the malicious virus.

Cyberspace: CZK 1690

 60 minutes    2-6 players

Who is Mei? Where is she hiding? Uncover her secrets and immerse yourself in the second part of the story, in which you realize some things aren’t as they seem at the first sight.

It’s possible to play this game only after playing the game Virus first.


Is it possible to combine the discounts. Discounts can only be applied when paying on site.

Discount for a team of two: CZK 300

We offer this discount for two-people-only groups.

Discount for students or children: CZK 300

Applicable under the condition that at least a half of the group are students with a valid student card (e.g. ISIC), or that the whole group are children with adult accompaniment. You can use this discount from 2 students or children in group.

You can pay on site by cash or credit card.


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