What is an escape game?

Escape game (also escape room or exit game) is a team game where you solve logical puzzles and try to escape from the room (alternatively, you try to prevent something from happening). Key elements for success are cooperation of all team members, analysis of objects found, and their appropriate usage or application. Escape games are based on computer games and originated in 2007 in Japan.

The peculiarity of escape games is their non-repeatability. Once you experience any particular game, you can’t come back again. You know the solution of all the puzzles so you would spoil the game for the new team.

What does cyberpunk mean?

Cyberpunk is a sci-fi sub-genre characterized by mankind’s massive transition from the real world to the “cyberspace” to which they connect their brains directly (like in the Matrix). In cyberspace they can be anyone and do anything. Diving into cyberspace so much that one forgets his real body and his mind lives only in cyberspace is a common theme in the genre.

The genre of cyberpunk can be found in all pop culture areas. In the movie industry the most famous are Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Ready Player ONe, Blade Runner, or a series recently made by Netflix – Altered Carbon. In addition, we can not forget the Neuromancer, a book by William Gibson, and computer games – Deus Ex, System Shock, or most recently Cyberpunk 2077.

What makes our game unique?

Our game focuses on imaginative logic puzzles, an interesting story, and the involvement of all team members. We take special care about the technical precision of the room, we use modern technology, and we offer a unique story-telling escape game set in the cyberpunk background. However, there is no need for specific technological knowledge to pass through. You will not find any combination lock either.

2 games, 2 adventures

Furthermore, we offer two separate games in the same room, a uniqueness in the Czech Republic. Both games are equally long (60 minutes) and full-featured. You have the opportunity to try both – one after the other, or you can do one and come for the other one some time later.

For whom is the game suitable?

For everyone who enjoys challenges, discovering secrets, and likes unusual experiences, the escape game is always the right choice. Escape games are a popular activity for family afternoons, team building, celebrations, stag or hen party, exploring foreign cities, or just having fun with your friends. The main motivation is fun. The game is not physically demanding.

How difficult is the game?

Our game is mostly plaful and not that difficult. Thanks to a sophisticated system of help, anyone can enjoy the game. We offer a full-fledged experience to all groups.

Are technical skills necessary for the game?

Not at all. The game is full of technological gadgets but common sense is all you need.

Is it possible to pay by card?

Yes, you can pay by card. You can also pay on site in cash or by benefit cards Edenred, Benefit Plus and Sodexo.

Is the game suitable for children?

Nothing in the game will scare you, nor is it horror. So take your kids with you. Children under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or other adult representative.

What should I bring with me?

You don’t need anything specific, and you don’t have to worry about getting dirty. There is no need to climb or crawl in our game.

When should I come to the escape room?

Just arrive at the hour you booked. If you book a game from 17:00, arrive at 17:00. First we will explain everything you need and then the game itself will start – there is enough time for everything. No need to come earlier.

A few pieces of advice

  • Explore the whole room, look around
  • Say aloud to the others what special things you found
  • Gather all the items that could be part of the logic puzzles
  • Try to look for logical connections
  • Think easy – the puzzles are probably less complicated than you think
  • If you are stuck, go through the room once more to make sure you have not missed anything – and that you have already used everything you found
  • If you really don’t know how to go on, ask for help