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Give the gift of a unique escape room experience. Up to 120 minutes of fun for 2-6 people!

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Do you want to please your loved ones? Give them an escape game experience. Order a voucher using the form on the right. You will receive the payment information in your e-mail inbox.

A stylized, customized electronic voucher will be delivered in a PDF to your e-mail inbox. Validity of the voucher is 6 months and it is indicated on the voucher. The price of the electronic voucher is the same as the regular price of the game.

We try to deliver the voucher within 24 hours of receiving the payment. If you need an earlier delivery please contact us by phone.

Both games: 3380 CZK 2990 CZK

 120 minutes    2-6 players

A great package of both games at the same time! A full-fledged experience not only for escape room enthusiasts. Includes both Virus and Cyberspace games. Both games are directly linked to each other and can only be booked at once.

Virus: CZK 1690

 60 min    2-6 players

For those who want to enjoy their experiences one by one. The price includes the game Virus.

Cyberspace: CZK 1690

 60 minutes    2-6 players

For those who want to consume their experiences one by one. The price includes the game Cyberspace. We only offer this game to players who have already been to the game Virus.

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